Though college has been really stressful and time consuming this semester, I've truly enjoyed all of my classes and projects that I've gotten to work on. I'm producing and directing short shows, currently working on a short video documentary about nostalgia, and have made some cool posters that I'm proud of. Even though all of these are assignments from my various professors, I found a way to make them fun, enjoyable, and have them showcase some of my interests. For instance, I'm obsessed with Disney more specifically, the animated Disney movies and even more specifically, Disney princesses. Mulan has always been one of if not my favorite of the Disney princesses because she took action into her own hands and sacrificed a lot for the sake of her family. Not only that, but the movie has one of my favorite quotes. So I decided to use this quote in my type poster assignment for Illustrator. There's a few minor changes I would make but overall I'm proud of it since my Illustrator skills are very VERY basic. Hope you like it and critiques and comments are always encouraged and appreciated!