At the end of last year we decided to sunset our gaming podcast, The Patch. It wasn't an easy decision because it's a podcast Rooster Teeth has been doing for years and we all enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and nerd out about games on a weekly basis, but it had become increasingly clear to us that it had lost its way a bit.

To some degree, that was difficult because when it started the premise was pretty simple: everyone says we talk about game on the RT Podcast too much so let's make a podcast just to talk about games. From there it kind of took on a life of its own and evolved, but was always pretty freeform. While that meant we could do what we wanted with it for the most part, it also meant there wasn't a structure to keep it consistent and it meandered into three or four different formats over the nearly 200 episodes of its run.

That's not great for a show or its audience. So we decided to make the hard call and start over.

And that's how Glitch Please was born. We want to take the best of The Patch but fit it into a structure that's more stable and consistent in how it operates. And also, if I'm being 100% honest, I would kill every show in the world if it meant it would come back with a set designed by Marcus LaPorte.


Glitch Please should look familiar in a lot of ways. @gus, @Ryan, and myself will still be talking about games every week. This first episode is just us because we're still tightening up the details, but we'll have guests from Rooster Teeth and beyond as well.

What's changed is that we're thinking of our conversation in terms of segments and topics that fit together. Some of the segments will cycle from week to week, but this way it's planned out in advance and we won't fall into the gravity well of any one thing *cough*VR*cough* for months at a time. Or, even if we do discuss it pretty frequently, it won't be the ONLY thing we have time for... and we'll have timestamps so you can skip it.

Oh, and we're killing the hour time limit in favor of discussing things as long as we feel they need to be discussed. That might mean we have some long episodes around e3, and some short ones around game droughts, and hopefully you guys are cool with that variance because we think it will be better for the content.

This is still the pilot phase. It's all subject to change if some of our theories don't pan out, so stick with us. We want your feedback to see what's working, what can be further improved, what you'd like to see... basically, everything. We want to make a show that we love to do and that you love to watch.

Comments on individual episodes is awesome, but so is show-wide feedback. To facilitate that I've created a new group here on the site to collect thoughts, ideas, comments/questions for a mailbag, fan art we can show off, and as many nudes of Gus as the internet can handle.