I've always loved going back and watching my favorite shows as a kid and either falling in love again or cringing at just how terrible the shows really are (sorry Totally Spy). So I decided to take this inspiration and use it towards my short documentary project that I had for my Adobe Video Editing class. I had a few of my friends, Emily and Kellsi, talk about their favorite show(s) as a child, watch an episode, and hear their thoughts on what they thought of the show compared to what they thought as a kid and how they think the shows they watched as kids shaped them today. The audio quality is really bad at times, but I really wanted to focus on the videography which I'm happy with so it kinda of evens out (I guess).

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts on whether you enjoyed it or hated it and if you have any suggestions. I'm always open (RT reference not intended) to feedback!