For those of you who don't know, the past couple of months have been a little eventful for me. For a long time I believed my dream job didn't exist. More so I believed I could never get it, being someone with A. Zero Experience and B. Zero Education. But alas I hunted for it, over the past few years of looking I've had two opportunities. Neither of which were the job I had in mind but they were close. However both times I was unsuccessful (this isn't a bad thing, I learnt from them). Okay now that we're done with the background let's go to a few months ago.

I was applying for jobs, going on every website I could find. Just as I gave up for the day there it was, on my Twitter feed, ditch everything, I had to apply. And then I got a response, what, why? And then I had an interview and they liked me, huh? And I got a second interview, stop it. And then I got an e-mail and threw my phone at Lauren. I just read the first line saying congratulations and I ran away in disbelief. 

As much as I love the community here, I did have to make the difficult choice of giving up my position running the channel in order to progress. I wish all the best to everyone who contributes and to my successor. Today marks a month of when I officially left LPC and joined Team17.

Since then I've got two published game trailers, one for Aven Colony and one for The Escapists 2, and I've just finished my third trailer. That's not all my job is though, there's loads of odd bits and bobs I do. Everyone I work with is lovely, the new city we've moved too is a nerds dream city and we even got the home we really wanted in a great location.

To those still hunting for your dream, this idiot did it with no experience and struggled with a computer that hasn't been updated in 9 years. You can do it, don't let failures get you down. Ask for feedback, improve, don't be afraid to reapply. You've got this. Thank you for all the support <3

- James