Hello!  As it's my day of being a Featured User and suddenly I had a good chunk of notifications from the site I figured I could do a short introductory or re-introductory post here.  So yeah.  Where to start.

Couple weeks ago I turned 33 and have slowly been working through Horizon: Zero Dawn and can't help thinking that Aloy is me... albeit her world is not the one we live in but the sort of one I visit all the time through gaming.  I do live action role playing and go between heavy RP/lightest touch games like Doomsday and Alliance (which I will be going to for the first time soon) to heavier combat games like Amtgard.  Because of that I've gotten into back into creating and crafting and am all over the place with what I do between costumes and artwork.  I work in IT setting up computers and pushing software to them for a large payroll company.  I'm playing with the idea of getting into something else or pushing myself to craft more it's just hard when you go home and just end up watching episodes of Clone Wars.  I've been fortunate enough to be a Guardian for the past five years and will be this year as well.  RTX is one of the best things the Rooster Teeth creates.

If you want to friend me feel free to say hello prior.  I'm typically on here catching up with Funhaus stuff and RT productions. ...surprise?