Aloha folks!

I'm pretty psyched to announce a new partnership with Ubisoft and Rooster Teeth! Let's Play Presents will be airing over on the Ubisoft US YouTube channel (right here!) every Thursday featuring a ton of your favorites from the Let's Play family of creators.  You'll see folks from all over Rooster Teeth checking out new games from Ubisoft as well as playing some classics in new and different ways.  Geoff may even play some PC games!
I've been a huge fan of Ubisoft for years now and some of my earliest Achievement Hunter memories involve creating a map for Assassin's Creed 2.  (Still available at ) I can't express how excited I am to be working officially with the Ubisoft team.  This means your favorites from Achievement Hunter will get early looks at new games, some of which aren't even announced yet! Ubisoft will be working with us as well to provide some cool new content for the Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play channels.  Seriously, this is an awesome partnership.
You'll be seeing tons more over the next few weeks, so please, let us know what you think while I keep pestering my new Ubisoft friends with any information they are allowed to give me about the newest titles on their slate.  MORE ASSASSIN'S CREED PLEASE.
Check this out for more details and subscribe to the Ubisoft US channel to see new videos from us every week.