11 years ago I made this account with Rooster Teeth. I watched all of Red vs Blue up until season 8. Then I took a break due to life stuff that caused me to lose track of the show. Eventually I fell in love with Rwby and discovered Monty Oum. I had seen some epic Tex battles, but never really took the time to catch up on RvB. When Monty passed, I was devasted because he was my hero. His lifestyle, his work ethic, and his animation.... I love it all. I still haven't fully been able to get over his loss. Recently, I saw that RvB has been on Netflix. And spam watched every episode all the way to the end of season 13.
F*ck that cliffhanger Rooster Teeth. And F*ck Felix.
I love you all, Burnie, Joel, Gus, Matt, Jason..... I love you all.... Tex, Sheila. Barb. You are all my heroes.
But F*ck you for allowing Miles Luna to write shit. There's a fine line between love and hate. And Miles, you crossed that line. I loved you in Rwby. But I fucking hate you for what you did to me in RvB Season 13.