Who has that, this is 2017, I barely have time to type out 140 characters a day let alone a full paragraph, but you know I started so may as well write something... 


Work. 5 days a week. I've been playing games as always Xbox Steam and everywhere in-between. Been hanging around on Twitch a tonne, they sucked me in without me realising. I really didn't find the appeal to Twitch at first, but the communities that form around good streamers really is a great thing to be a apart of, and reminds me of how I felt here on the RT site when I first joined, and went into the forums or joined Roosterspeak, its a bunch of people enjoying the same content I am, everyone's friendly and social and inclusive and welcoming, and honestly thats something you can never have enough of in your life. 

I'll be headed over to RTX Austin for the 5th time in a little over a month now, haven't packed, looking forward to spending time with friends, old and probably new. I'm on the ExPO guardians team this year, I'm tentatively excited and nervous and look forward to meeting and working with everyone. 

ALSO RTX London? Not UK... in October. Really happy I managed to get the time off as I requested it in February. Going to be a crazy fun!!! Looking forward to chilling down in London for a couple days. Although I am Guardianing for that too sooo I can party until like Midnight if I have to be up in the morning. Thursday-Monday currently.. maybe the Tuesday? If a friend lets me sleep on his couch.../if anyone wants to hangout. 

P.S. I am making the RTX Wooden Keyrings again this year, I'll be streaming them eventually and probably at strange hours... give www.twitch.tv/erksmegerked a follow and you'll see me play with some wood maybe at some point, and hopefully not burn my house down. Commissions will be available too probably... I already made a draft list for the Keyrings though and I have 137 names on it already... so not sure when I'm going to have the time to do those... let alone commissions so if you or someone you know wants wood ;) (still funny) let me know!