Next week a whole bunch of talented Dungeons & Dragons DMs, players, and streamers will converge on Wizards of the Coast for 2 days of livestreaming D&D games and talking about the new storylines. I'm super excited to announce that I'm going to be joining them! Wizards are paying for me to be there, participate in all of the exciting new announcements, and just in general have a huge amount of fun.

If you get a chance please tune into the livestream June 2&3 at to see all the wonderful games, hear the announcements, and see me play with some absolutely astounding D&D fans!

This is in large part due to Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks.  So thank you to @Road_Block @Jengaship @john and @Juls for playing with me, thank you to Rooster Teeth for providing an amazing community to support the game, thank you to Sidequest for a helping us raise money year after year for charity, and thanks to @lukemckay for dealing with a crazy oboe DM.