Hello everyone! This will be my first RT Box review on the site. I've done small reviews on my fan account on instagram (@Haywood_You_Bang_Me). Now I want to do it bigger and better. In the italic section below I'll talk a bit about being a First member, a Double Gold member, and a little bit about myself as a fan. This will help introduce what being Double Gold is like and will hopefully help other community members make their decision on whether to go gold or not. I will include the italic section in every future review and I'll also update it when and if need be. But, if you just want to hear about this month's double gold box, feel free to skip the italic section.




    First off, here is a link to a chart that breaks down everything that comes with a First membership and a Double Gold membership. I've had a First membership, formally known as sponsorship, since I joined the site in April 2014. My account used to be on the Grandfather plan, which was a lot cheaper plan. For those who don't know, a few years back, Rooster Teeth increased their sponsorship plan to what it is today. But, for those who stayed on a renewal plan would keep the same pricing of the old plan until they cancelled or changed it. This was deemed the Grandfather plan. Then about a year ago, Rooster Teeth dropped the term "sponsor" and changed it to "First" to lessen the confusion and to make the title more fitting. Then at RTX 2016 they introduced the RT Box and attendees could sign up for the new Double Gold membership. Only attendees could buy the very first First Double Gold Box. Fortunately, I was one of them and I've been a Double Gold member ever since. But by switching plans I lost my Grandfather plan on my account, which I can never get back. It's something to consider if you're switching from the Grandfather plan. To those of you who are, I suggest making a second account when you're first trying Double Gold to ensure it's what you really want.    


     Now I'm going to breakdown and explain the perks that only come with Double Gold. Double Gold has the same perks and more than a First member. You can reference the chart to learn more about the First membership. The only thing the chart doesn't include is that First members can use the Rooster Teeth app, which I personally love and use every day. The only thing I wish the app would have but doesn't, is the feature to explore and post blogs and forums. Now let's get onto the actual Double Gold features and my personal experience with them.  

RT Store Discount: So the first difference is the increase in the discount we get in the store. As long as you're signed in with a Double Gold account and use the special discount code when checking out, you get 10% off. This is really nice for me personally because I buy a lot of RT merch. (And I mean a lot. 25+ shirts and so many posters that I have to keep the extras in a bag in my closet.) I just find this to be a nice simple perk that I often use. 

Double Star by Name: As you can see by my name, there is two gold stars. First members will have one star. It doesn't do much besides telling people what level of sponsorship you are at on the site. 

Monthly Q and A: This is only available to Double Gold members. In the early portion of each month Rooster Teeth will send out an email saying the date, time, and who will be appearing on the Q and A. Then the day of the stream they will email a link to the stream. During the stream members can ask questions. Each stream is usually themed to a particular group of people or a show. For example, in the past we have had a Founding Fathers Q and A. What I like about these is there is a much higher chance your question will get answered and provides a lot of insight to things that I would have not otherwise known. Then the popular or good questions that didn't get answered in the stream will be answered in a blog post. If you have missed a stream, you can go the Double Gold group on the RT site and view the most recent stream. Unfortunately, you can't view past streams as far as I know.

First Access to VIP Packages: Some Double Gold members may never use this and others may use it all the time. Double Gold members will get an email with a code to buy tickets to live events early. These can include events such as Let's Play Live and RTX. I love this bonus so much because it helps guarantee VIP tickets for me to go to RTX. VIP usually sell out in seconds but since I was able to buy mine early it was less stress. 

Double Gold Only Contest and Giveaways: We've only had a few of these so far. One of the giveaways was for the banners that were hung from posts at RTX 2016. Another contest was for RWBY fan art. The winners won signed RWBY SteelBooks. I personally wish these contest and giveaways were more often, but overall they're really nicely done.     

RT Box: Lastly, is the RT Box. These ship out every month with around 7 or so products. None of these products are available it the RT Store. Each box has a theme which usually revolves around holidays or what is currently occurring at RT. For example, the May 2017 box was pool party themed and included a lot of animation related products since Summer of Animation has started back up. Four months ago they started to include collectable cards in which 20% are signed. Each card has a different theme. The past ones include Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Red vs Blue, and RWBY Chibi. I've received a signed Red vs Blue card by Joel Heyman, which I was super happy with since he voices my favorite character from RvB. I also got a signed RWBY Chibi card this month and it was signed my Lindsay Jones. This makes me super happy because I'll be cosplaying as Ruby at RTX. Overall, these collectable cards are freaking awesome and also can be signed by different people. For example, some people got RvB cards signed by Burnie Burns. Then recently we were informed the quality of the RT Boxes was going to increase, which I have seen so far. They also stated a t-shirt and a collectable card would be in every box. (If anyone has the link to this post please leave it in the comments below!) I'm happy to see the quality of the boxes increase.   



RT Box - May 2017 Review 

In this next section I will go through each product in this month's box and I will also link to images of each product. I also promise to not be basis when reviewing. Hopefully this review helps everyone! if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below!



The Box Itself: This will probably be the only review post where I will talk about the actual box. The box that the products come in each month is Rooster Teeth themed and have a bunch of ionic quotes on the inside. My only wish for the box is to change themes each month. For example, one box could be Achievement Hunter themed, then the next could be Red vs Blue, and so on. I've done a few subscription boxes before. A few of my favorites were when the container the items came in matched the themed for the box. For example, the makeup subscription Ipsy and Birchbox had different bags or boxes each month which I found really cool. It would be awesome to collect different themed RT Boxes too!

Information Card: Each box has a information card that talks about each product and is written from a RT personality (or it is made to look that way.) This one was appropriately written or made to look like it was written by Miles Luna. It was light hearted and included a few puns. Feel free to read it for yourself in the link. 

Camp Camp Shirt: This shirt is a standard cotton t-shirt. This was kind of disappointing compared to the RWBY Chibi shirt that we recently got in a RT Box. The RWBY Chibi shirt was one of the softest shirt I've ever received from Rooster Teeth, including Barbara Dunkelman's original three shirts. (I haven't ordered her new shirts, so I can't compare those yet.) So, receiving this way less soft cotton shirt made me a little less excited to wear it. But after a few times through the wash, cotton shirts usually get a little softer. Now the design on the shirt is awesome, retro, and reminds me a little of the Disney castle logo. Since the design is simple it can be easily dressed up or down, which I love.  

RWBY Chibi Collectable Card: I was very excited to see that I was one of the lucky few who got a signed card. Remember only 20% of them are signed! In the past the front of the cards have had awesome art on them. This one in my mind didn't look as nice as the others because the image on the front looks like it could have been taken from the show itself. But, I always love reading the back of the cards to see what they say! And this one didn't disappoint. Overall, I love the collectable cards so much, but I do have one suggestion. I wish they would use fan art for the designs on the front of the cards. It would give the amazing artist of this community some exposure and make each card more incredibly unique. I could see the community having lots of fun designing and entering different art for the cards. Just a suggestion! 

Gus Pin: We have gotten one pin like this in a past box. The quality of these are amazing and I am hoping to see more. Like Miles said in the info card, you'll definitely get some weird stares when wearing this. But I don't care! I find this button incredibly funny.

Yang Glasses: The frames of the glasses are yellow because that's the color Yang represents. Then on the front of the glasses are Yang's eyes when she isn't angry. On one side it says "RWBY" in white lettering. These aren't that practical for everyday use since it's a little awkward to see out of them. But they are perfect for festivals and conventions! I do plan on bringing these to RTX. They are very quirky and fun. Overall, a great product for the summer!   

Loser Sticker: I find this product so funny. Watching Geoff Ramsey lose that bet was awesome and now I own a sticker version of his tattoo! No idea where I'm going to put it, but I love it.

Camp Camp Tin Sign: This sign is made out of tin and feels very sturdy which I love so much. It shows that RT is keeping to their promise of bringing higher quality products. The sign includes the Camp Camp theme song. It's also the perfect size, not to big that I can't find room for it on my wall, but also not too small. It would also fit quite nicely in a dorm room!

Wet Bread Hand Towel: This towel is made to be a hand towel due to it's size. It is a little itchy but I haven't washed it yet. I like having a product that references Gavin Free's disgust of wet bread. It just makes it even better that it's a towel, kinda ironic. Overall it's a decent towel! 

That is all the products for this month! I hope you enjoyed and found this review helpful!