Wow was that fun!

Wait, fun is not a strong enough word. Amazing. Incredible. Insanely outstanding. Awesome, in the truest sense of the word.  

Getting a chance to just hang out all day with other DMs who do games that get posted on the internet, to chat about our triumphs and struggles, to just be huge geeks about this passion we love, and to always have someone from Wizards of the Coast just hanging out with us was joyful.  Like the best convention, except all the panels are D&D.  I got to tell TONS of people all about running live games for charity at RTX, and the community here, and the podcast, and hear about their own games and charity and community.  Many of these people and groups I was very familiar with, some I was not, all of them were fantastic people who were just a pleasure to hang out with!

Thank you to everyone who came out live to watch, and especially those who shouted about me in the chat! Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks has a smaller following then a lot of the big names on that stage, and getting some love made me super happy.  And if you are NOT familiar with D&D&D our latest podcast just went up today....Episode 72: Math And Miles! Give it a download on your preferred podcast device!

But back to the SoA. Not only did I get to have a blast, but I nabbed a TON of swag that the D&D&D crew will be giving away on our podcast as well as at RTX as part of the Charity Auction.  And I got to play in two fantastic games!  If you go to the D&D Twitch stream not only can you watch both days in total, but you can see all the individual segments.  The two games I was lucky enough to participate in are:

SoA One Grung Above: Chris Lindsay, D&D Product Manager, Adventurers League Guru and architect of the Dungeon Masters Guild, runs an adventure for group of other Dungeon Masters!  Playing with nothing but other long time DMs is a unique experience....also crazy fun! Add to that the fact that all the characters are Grung (frog people) and it's probably one of my favorite D&D experiences EVER.

SoA Maze Arcana w/ Special Guests: Maze Arcana is an established D&D streaming team who put on two games over the weekend, and I was one of the guests invited to play in the Saturday game! Two words: zombie T-Rex.

Those are my two games, but honestly ANY of the content from that weekend is excellent.  It's hours of D&D games, some of them the first part of a multi-part series that will continue on the Wizard D&D twitch stream! So go enjoy, let me know what you think and if you enjoyed it, and if you're at RTX come say hi.  Maybe I'll have some D&D swag to give away.