Literally only know about this because a friend sent me a text and told me I was Featured User. First time to happen in the 10+ years that I've been on the site, so high-five past me!

A few facts about myself: 

I am originally from Santa Barbara, California. Almost my entire family is still there. I miss my family dearly; I don't miss the town or the state at all. 

I'm currently living in Austin, TX.

I moved here almost two years ago for a job.  

No, I've never worked for, nor do I currently have any intention of working at Rooster Teeth. 

I'm a hospice nurse. I manage patient care and symptom management for people who are at end of life (certified to have fewer than six months left to live). It is an incredibly fulfilling and humbling job. I've never before worked with a team of people who so genuinely care about others and collaborate as efficiently as we all do. I'm proud of the care we provide, and that's very important to find in your career.

I have one guinea pig, Grayson; and a dog, Lola. If you know me even remotely, you've likely heard me talk about my pets or seen a photo of my dog

I spend a majority of my free time on RoosterSpeak where I am an admin and host a weekly Movie Night. You should try it. Or don't. What am I, your mom?

I'll be at RTX 2017; it will be my sixth RTX. I've been Gus' PA for the past three years and have been chosen to be a Guardian again this year. Hope to see you around.

Uhh. That's pretty much it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise I'll see you in another 10 years, fellas.


Love and hugs,