A little over five years ago, it was on this website that I first premiered a new writing project of mine. It was done in a journal, this one to be specific, and I hinged my continuation of that project on the readership of my friends here. It was thanks to you all that I kept at it, and am now sitting here five years later, two books in that series done and a third underway.

The latest story in my current project is by and large one of my favorites. I worked with a narrative dynamic I'm not entirely used to and introduced a character who has actually existed in my writing portfolio for longer than Sheridan Hull. Somewhere on this website is a journal that contains the information about that character, but after going back about forty pages I started getting a bit cross-eyed.

Anyways, I felt it only proper to share this story with you all, and to take this opportunity to thank you again. Without your love and support for these past five years, "Hull" would've remained as nothing more than a passing thought. It's thanks to you all that I have something on my shelf with my name on the spine.

This is "The Devil's Dawn." I'll include a little blurb about it as well so you know what you're jumping in to.

Another man. Another story. Another legend. A foreign blackmailer and a family in ruin draw the attention of SHERIDAN HULL to the upper echelons of Newfield's most prosperous neighborhood. Desperate to avoid the banal planning for his upcoming nuptials, the detective dives into the Cornish Street Horror and is quickly rebuked by a man in pursuit of the blackmailer, a French commandant named CORMELEC SHOHLE. Unwilling to yield his ward to a stranger, the detective agrees to work with the commandant to find the man responsible and discover his link to a malevolent overseer, known to the commandant as the DEVIL, whose sole purpose is to reap mischief and misery upon the people who cross his path.