Hello again all

Its my birthday tomorrow, so to celebrate I'm going to be streaming today from 9am-6pm (GMT) with some friends. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds will be 1 game played, but there may well be others, its a free and easy stream so who knows.

If your able come join us and watch us get our butts whipped routinely at www.twitch.tv/hybridsquirrels which will just be my voice and video due to my current setup

Also/However to hear all the voices and a different camera angle, head over to my good friend Dave (aka Grawlix94) at www.twitch.tv/grawlix94

Why not run both and mute mine (my voice will be coming through Grawlix's feed so that OK) then you can see it all from every angel, just like an omnipresent overlord! 



PS: If you want to play just say in twitch chat and we'll add you if we have a space at that time