While on a brief break from revision, I though to myself I'd take a brief trip onto google to see what I could find, and let me say, I was NOT disappointed,

I had no idea the Alien community was so.....interesting....online. 


I think this proves my point

But more so some of the art I've found is just so horrifying.....just....why?


You may search further at your own risk, but lemme say there is some seriously weird stuff out there 

Also I still can't work out why this pops up when I search Alien Fiesta 


I get its a fiesta, but unless people ain't telling me the truth about Chihuahuas then I see no Aliens here.....

(side note: The whole moral of the story from my previous journal was that life is filled with disappointments. I meant to show this through the lack of the bird blowing up in the first vid but you may have discovered it just through reading my journal.)

Also I've been listening to a load of music by Joji recently and its awesome! Its low fi hip hop (I think) and I really enjoy the relaxed vibes, but yet the close personal feel, that this music has. This song is one of me favourites. Thanks for reading  and have a good day :)