Hey All!

Last year before RTX while signing up for autograph sessions, I though, "we all get so excited trying to get signatures from the RT staff and special guests, but I wonder what it would be like to get signatures from the other attendees?" I knew a lot of events set up guest books for attendees to sign (like weddings and corporate events), so why couldn't RTX have one? With the help of the other admins in RT Florida (@ArnettV @Chris_G), we put together a guest book for anyone attending RTX to sign. To make things a little more fun, we organised it such that you would sign on a page based on what state or country you were visiting from. This meant you could see other attendees who were visiting from the same place as you! 

We started collecting signatures even before getting to RTX! I think we can all attest that it's quite easy to spot other RT fans in the airport waiting to fly to Austin. It was so cool to see people from all over the country gathered in the airport talking about how excited they were to get to RTX and experience the RT community at its finest. More and more signatures were collected in panels, panel lines, the exhibit hall, and even at some community meetups like RT Sidequest. Before we knew it, we had signatures from over 40 states and 8 countries. We couldn't believe it! It was such a wonderful experience to interact with other attendees in a a way we never have before and get to know a little more about them. While we only got signatures from about 600 attendees, it was well worth it and we can't wait to do it again this upcoming RTX 2017!

Thanks to Rooster Teeth, we have link where anyone can download the guest book. Check it out below! 

RTX 2016 Guest Book

Didn't get a chance to sign it? Keep an eye out for it this year. We'll be tweeting out it's location from time to time using the @RT_Florida account. 

TL;DR. We got a bunch of RTX attendee signatures and made a book out of them. Check it out.