Is it worth it?> I hope so, I've very steadily been losing weight, which is my goal. I have gained a foot injury somehow... which does make it hurt to walk some days. I've purchased an ankle/heel support sock? Hopefully that will help relieve the pain when it arrives. Also icing it and stretching when I can, it feels little like a trapped nerve. But I'm hoping it will go away before RTX.

RTX will be over this time in 3 weeks, where the fuck has the time gone, I'll be in Austin in 10 days. It feels like I was just there but at the same time I can't believe an entire year has already passed by. Super excited to see everyone again, and see everyone else for the first time, and I just really want to relax and have the chillest time this year, hopefully hanging out with everyone. 

I am a guardian again, so I'll be less partying during those hours, but if you see me make sure you say Hi, give me a hug. If I see you, I will definitely be giving you a hug. If its a hug as I run past you to do some guardian thing, I'll hug you on the way back too. ALL the hugs.

ALSO trying to plan things is so hardddd, if you want to hang out let me know, and I'll try to make time. Sooo busy so many peoples I need to see you all. <3 <3 <3

ALSO strim strim. Of that wood wood. When I can.