Between my lack of gigs or job, and the ramp up to RTX and D&D stuff, I am somehow managing to feel crazy busy, poor, panicked, and really excited all at the same time.

- We are ONE WEEK AWAY from the Sidequest Charity Gala at RTX, where Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks will be auctioning off an excellent D&D themed prize pack. When you buy your Sidequest tickets don't forget to use the code SQENABLERS to get 20% off the ticket price!

- We are ONE WEEK AND A DAY away from the D&D&D live panel at RTX! Friday July 7th from 4-6pm Central in the Hilton Governor's Ballroom! Come see us play D&D live for your entertainment, give away TONS of prizes, raise money for charity, and just have a fantastic time! I know there is a lot of other amazing events and panels at the same time, but we're proud to be a community run community driven event filled with community members! Please come support us?

- Jalapeno popcorn. RIGHT?!

- There's still time to get the RT special if you want to order a Musical Cryptogram and get any text turned into custom music! Just today I took some time to turn my lovely husband's name into music. Then went insane and composed a tiny fugue around that melody. Because, as I said, I don't have any gigs right now so I need to keep myself busy. Hire me please?

Tell me your favorite BBQ place in Austin. I love Ironworks but we'd love to go other places. <3