Hope you're having a wonderful time in L.A. at Anime Expo! Thank you for everything you've done, & continue to do for Rooster Teeth & the Rooster Teeth Community, both through the Marketing side & the Social Media side. Thank you for creating an amazing & impactful show, Always Open. (Also congrats to you & your Always Open crew for getting a third season!! Looking forward to it!) 

You are one of the the kindest, inspiring, talented, badass, & wonderful human beings I've ever met. I'm so proud & happy for you, for everything you've achieved & everything you're working towards. Have a wonderful day today, as well as rest of your time at Anime Expo! (again, those pictures of you on Bumblebee are AWESOME! Glad you found it!) Have safe travels back to Austin. Have a wonderful week ahead! Can't wait to see you at RTX Austin!