Hello all! I hope you've had an awesome 2017 so far and if you went to RTX 2017 I hope you had an awesome experience! After this last weekend I was feeling profoundly in love with the sense of community. And recently I've been feeling more and more disconnected with the RT community as more and more people join. But I realized that there was still so much to this community that I love. And how close knit we can still be even when there are millions of us all around the world! And as a part of that I had always wondered about the transgender community among the greater RT community and if there was an organized group and on the website I'd found several older groups but none really seem active anymore if they ever were at all. So this is my new mission, to make one! And I hope every single person that can, will join me! the group is 'RT Trans & Allies' It's not just for those who are transgender but also for those who support them and want to be more active in doing so! I plan in the future to hold game nights and in the further future to even to a charity livestreams for Transgender Positive Charities! So please come on over and join me!