Well it looks like RTX has finally come and gone once more. This year was my second as being an RTX Guardian and this year was a bigger dozy than last year was for me.

To start with, Friday was very chaotic when the addition of the metal detectors came into play this year for entry into the expo hall. Because there was only 2 of them (3 later on that day), the lines extended in a manner that we ended up using any available space to compensate and ensure people were not standing outside the convention center. Of course the complications added when it came down to the events that were taking place that day as people were getting excited for the wait. Thankfully we were able to get things under control by the end of Friday. Still I was finding myself worried that the next two days might not bold well when I learned how the metal detector systems went for the Expo hall entry. Also when the day at the convention ended, I was able to meet some of my friends from the Good Guy Gamers here in Austin before I would see them in Galveston (a story for another journal later down the road).

When it came down to Saturday, I was expecting the worse to happen for this day. Instead I learned that more metal detectors were set up and the new system used to bring people into the Expo Hall was significantly better than I imagined. I was very relieved about this since it made things run more smoothly. At the same time, I managed to visit the Halo panel and I was not expecting the fact that it was actually a game show for the entire panel. Although I didn't argue it because the game show was pretty funny along with Burnie Burns in the game as well. On top of that I got some special stuff from the panel, but unfortunately I do not have them on me at the moment. I'll include pictures in the next update of this journal. Once the day ended and the expo hall closed for the day, I went to help out with the Mario Party Saturday event with the Game Attack/Screw Attack crew. Easily one of my best moments for that day as I not only got to meet the Mario Party crew, but I also had a great time getting the Attendees and VIPs hyped for the panel as well for not only the Mario Party Saturday event, but also the Rave that took place right after that. Might have been losing my voice during that as well.

When it came down to Sunday, it felt like we were counting down to the end of RTX, but at the very least it was rather easy going as the convention center was more calm after both Friday and Saturday. However it ended up being one of the saddest days as it also meant the day we would have to say our good byes among the guardians. If I had to gauge how I felt after this years RTX as opposed to previous RTXs I attended, then I would say this year was perhaps my very best one of all time. I also got to meet with a few other folks as well by the end among Roosterteeth and Funhaus, which was pretty cool as well.

Overall the weekend of July 7th to July 9th has been all sorts of insane, but truly tremendous fun at the same time. Now the only thing I have on my plate is the GGG Meet up here in Galveston, Texas. Before I finish this journal I do have a quote I came up with to end it all. Something I mentioned to @Gray about. Hopefully @Miles and @Kerry will see this as well. It is a play on one of the quotes mentioned back on Red vs Blue, but I find it was a bit incomplete. That being said, I'll impart these words to you all:

"Memory is truly the key to our life."