Another year, another RTX gone, and another week long pst con depression. RTX use to be a dream that I never thought I'd reach until I graduated college and had a steady job of my own. I've been incredibly blessed to make it the past two years and it get harder to leave Austin each time.

In my eyes, this RTX was perfect for me. Not only did I get to go to attend all the panels I wanted and spend hours exploring the expo hall, I got to meet more community members and become reunited with old friends as well. These friendships are so important to me because for 3 days, people of the Rooster Teeth community get to see my true personality which only comes out in a setting like RTX. I feel free to be myself around complete strangers that share a common interest without fear of judgement. That's so rare in this world that when I have to leave such a welcoming setting, it's heart breaking.

Austin has always felt like the place I was meant to be from the moment I stepped out of the airport in 2016. The city and its residents are so welcoming that when I have to leave tears fill my eyes (and by tears I mean I was quite literally sobbing on the plane while everyone looked at me like I was crazy). 

Every RTX is a question of whether or not I can make it that year because nothing is guaranteed which is why every RTX is so special to me because I never know if it will be my last. I save up all the money I can from the moment I leave RTX to the day I leave for the con the following year. This year is no different.

A main reason of why this RTX was so amazing was because of a Guardian named Doug. He is truly inspiring because no matter the chaos that was going on in Hall 1 while he was trying to control the line, he had the biggest smile on his face. Even when we would hang out after he was done with his shifts, he'd make sure us and his fellow Guardians had food and water (and caffeine). He went out of his way every single day to make everyone was healthy and having fun at RTX. Because of Doug and my fellow friends who dedicated their time to be Guardians, I hope that next year I can be a Guardian. I've had two perfect years of RTX and I want others to have the experiences I had. I want everyone to help others fall in love with Austin and RTX. I want to inspire others to make a change like Doug and the other Guardians did. 

RTX: I hope I'll see you again next August and I will do everything in my power to come back whether I'm a Guardian or attendee. Until then, I'll just stare at pictures and smile at the memories that you've given me.