Mess with your partner.

So friends, wanna help?

Here is my story, if you happen to be on the twitterverse, help me to tease my partner Z with a bit of Hamilton. It's taken me almost a year to get him to like it, and I've been having a blast torturing him with the various songs because they're so catchy. 

Now that he's warming up to him I want to welcome him into the deep loving folds of this ridiculously amazing musical.

Where do you come in?

Help me to (kind of sort of) flood his Twitter with all things Hamilton.  Doesn't have to be specific, just a line or a gif. I wanna see if I can get at least a tweet a day for a week at him from someone not me.  His handle is @sleighthands 

If you feel like torturing/assisting me in this good natured fun of my partner, it's appreciated!

Love you all, I'll do a post about RTX at some point soon.