I've wrote long paragraphs 2 times now but keep being stupid and deleting it and waiting to die so a quick recap. I met a bunch of rt staff such as all of cow chop and funahus to name a few ( look at the album I made to see some more people I met of pics I took that i didn't look to ugly in), With my autograph pass's I met KindaFunny, Jordan and Maggie, and the day before got the chance to buy someones autograph pass for my idol wait for it....Burine which was insane. I waited 2+ hours to meet him since vips get to go first before weekend passes and all of the spots where taken buy vips, but I got to have like a 4 minute chat with them since i was second last and it was awesome. The panels I saw where lazer team 2, RTAA, live action post production, Kinda funny, and Mega64 and even asked them a question which was cool. I spent a lot a lot on merch from RT, mega64, behemoth, super giant, rays booth, and got a few new figures. I also saw the planet of the apes screening which I highly recommend for any big fans of the whole series like me. Also lastly one really cool moment that happened during rtx was when I was walking to my hotel I saw I was walking right next to Jack and Jeremy so i got to have a 5 minute conversation with them while they where walking to the theater mode event. Oh also I got to pee next to john risinger. If anyone wants to see pics its in my profile and cant figure out how to link them since its seems they changed it since the last time I linked photos in a post.I cant wait to go again next year since I had a really fun time this year.<3 xoxoxo