First, I've been asked to co-host on a stream this coming Saturday July 29th at 7pm EST! This idea was brought up during RTX when @Ilan @DrHairz , @Shoban, @HeyJambi (Mark was there in spirit, he's a ghost.) and I were discussing how we used to get up to trouble and it was fun hanging out with a group of people. Ilan explains it all better in his journal which you can find a snippit of it below followed by the link! Check it out! 

"So, Since i've been reintroducing myself to the internet lately, I believe its time for me to return to my home cookin'.


The reason I burned out on streaming last year was because my outlook changed on it.  It turned from being something I did for fun into something I was constantly stressing about because I was always searching for success.  Well - Fuck all that." - @Ilan

Ilan's Jorunal

Go WTOTW! Name will be announced on stream! Come out and hang out with us and join in on the chaotic Spin Wheel of Drunken Doom as we play Killing Floor 2! 

Secondly, I've launched my TeePublic store for Kithulhu NYC! There are currently four Limited Edition flavors available in a few different colors along with Men's and Women's cuts. Some style variations in the shirts are available too! AND TANK TOPS! These flavors will dissappear at the end of the summer, so get em while they're hot! (or cool, cause you'll look cool as fuck when you join the Kithulhu Army!) 





I got big plans for this so keep your eyes peeled! Also feel free to follow on

Twitter: KithulhuNYC

Instagram: Kithulhu_NYC

and if you like the merch, share with your friends! Every little bit helps! 

Hope to see your faces on Saturday! 

-Raf <3