Extra Life is coming up in an few months and we want to assure everyone that we are working on some plans. There will be a community stream from Rooster Teeth as well as our own Game Days stream too. Plans are in the works, but if you have ideas, please contact one of the group admins to let us know!

A week ago we asked for artwork to put on a sticker for the group and have finally done so! Check out the video update. We loved all the art we saw and definitely want to incorporate them into other works too so expected to see more info on that in the future.

7 Days to Die with RT Florida


Whirly Dome Meetup Part 2


We are having another Whirly Dome meetup this Sunday and hope to see a lot of you there. If you're not sure what Whirly Dome is, please be sure to see our previous video from our past meet up here:

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