SO those of you who know me know I'm striving to be a video editor, producer, or involved with video and broadcasting in some way. I'm now entering my sophomore year of college (quite literally I started today) and I'm starting to think about internships and my future. When I was looking at what I had to offer to companies and employers, I found that my portfolio was extremely lacking in overall content. And an easy solution to this is to just make more videos so I have more to offer and what better way to do that with a YouTube channel!

After much brain storming (aka the past 3 months), I came up with the idea of a show called "Oh Happy Day!". Basically what it will be is either a weekly or biweekly show (most likely weekly) where I find a random holiday around the world that's happening in that week that's interesting, crazy, intriguing, etc. and talk about the history of the holiday or thing/event being celebrated. I figured this would be a fun way to work on editing, writing, and my on air talking skills while also learning more about the world and just having fun in general.

Obviously, there's still a lot of things that need to be figured out but I always love hearing others opinion. So I would greatly appreciate yours if you are reading this. Love or Hate the idea? Let me know! Have a suggestion for how to improve or expand upon the idea? I'm always open to help. 

Hopefully, if all goes well the first episode will happen in September and I'll keep everyone updated!