So for some time now, when I've received emails from mom's work address, there's been mysterious J letters here and there. Like totally random J's.

Today I read on an article that "Microsoft's finally going to fix the eye sore that's bothered users for several years - getting rid of the extra J's." SO I linked that article to mom, and she replied (translating her reply from Finnish) -

"I am delighted to hear about this, really, it's been bugging me a lot so thank you (actually I hadn't even noticed, help!! Now I'm worried where else those mysterious J's are when I've meant to send a smiley face... help, who else has received J letters from me!??? Eeek, I am no longer delighted about this at all..."

I know she's only half-serious, she's been very aware of the J's xD but still, maybe I'm tired or something, but I just started laughing so hard that I fell on the floor. xDDDD