Hahahah for someone who's supposed to be MIA I'm posting AGAIN.

On Friday evening I spotted an email from my uni that they're looking for a communications intern, with some translating job to be done on the side. I edited my resume little and whipped up an open application letter, sent it, wished for best but---

But well, I just received a reply that I've been called to an interview!! Woaaaahhh how 'bout that!

By the looks of it, it'll be on Friday morning~~ 

There's also a position open for a conference assistant, guess who's going to throw in her application if she doesn't have classes etc on those days!

Today's been good. Real good. So far. 

Even if I don't end up getting the job... I hecking tried, and managed to write an application letter that resulted in a positive reply. Like wot the duck. Ego boost! ~^w^~ Or maybe they just didn't get that many applications hahahaha.

...I'm so ready to fall asleep omg and it's only like 5pm. xDD If only I could do like my stepdad and nap for 15 minutes max.... my naps are more like 15 hours.

--I hope you're all doing great. <3