I don't even know.

I'm exhausted. Sort of a good thing, because the exhaustion is because I'm actually doing something. I'm walking more, and I'm using my brain a lot more.

What really baffles me is... Well, when I blocked out certain someone in social media places, it did not occur to me to do that on Twitter. As that person didn't have an account before. Now he does. He just joined this September. 

And he's following me.

Now, I've only ever blocked like a handful of people on Twitter. Since he's not posted anything or hasn't reacted to anything I do, I haven't yet done that. Partly because I'm just waiting for what kind of content he'd react. Call me an idiot. (Yes, you can do that, right below in the comments.)

I mean... He got an IG after I first stopped contacting him? And I dunno, but 2 weeks after I blocked and deleted his number, he's now got Twitter. 

What next??? He'll sign up on here?? Aeeegh...

I'm just baffled. And bemused. And tired. 

(I haven't followed him back, by the way.) (...I know which username he prefers on platforms like these, so maybe I should check if he's already on here as well... that'd be... weird. Like. Dude. You were the one to want to call us off, you stopped contacting me, you pushed me to the point where I stopped trying to reach out to you. What the hecking heck. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But................... ehhh. Whatever. For now. I'm going to sleep. I've managed to switch to a routine where I wake up around 3-5am, go for a walk, do yoga, do some stuff before going to study at campus, come home, try do yoga and eat, then pretty much collapse on the bed. Like last night, I had the laptop open, I was replying to stuff on the forums around 7pm, I fell asleep next to my laptop as I was on the bed, woke up, put the laptop away, and continued sleeping until 4am.)