An update that everything is okay here in Florida (for me and my family at least). 

We had minor damage to our fence and some plants. The fence was blown over by the gate and on one side entirely. A tree was knocked down (a small one), and branches from another one broke off onto the roof. But we still have power and everyone's safe so that's the important part!

No news on my mom's house in the Keys. She stayed up in Orlando with us and monitored the storm as it blew by. We're still getting updates but have high hopes that it's okay as there was no Gulf surge so there should be minimal flooding and that's really what you're worried about down there.

Everything is cleaned up at my house though; things are piled next to the road and in trash cans. Here's hoping that the management company will act on this soon so we can have our fence and lawn fixed again. From what I've heard, most people in RT Florida are safe and okay, at most without power. Yay!