So I got a long weekend (4 days) and I intend to spend it on playing games and doing some homework (exciting stuff I know). 

The long weekend started off yesterday with Nintendo giving me a solid Nintendo Direct. 

Which damn I'm excited for so many things they showed in that. Doom for one like hell yes! I played halve of it on Xbox one but because of exam's that year I fell out of it. But I will totally be all over that on Switch.

Also even though its a god damn crime that its not on Switch. You know I'm gonna be all over Mario Party: The Top 100 (especially now its been confirmed that its not just minigames). I mean just look at those updated classic Mario Party mini games.

I'm also gonna be all over that Splatoon 2 update, PokemonFire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey. But right now I am all over the amazingly titled (Not really) Project Octopath Traveler . Holly fuck this game looks good. Its a 2d sprite based RPG but it takes full advantage of Unreal engine 4's amazing lighting and fuck it looks so good . Just look at some screen shots I made.


God it looks so good!

For the rest of this weekend I'll probably dive deeper into this demo and make some more headway in Mario + Rabbits. Which continues to surprise me with its fun writing. 

Also sleep. I would like to have a ton of that these 4 days. Cause you know I really miss it.

Anyways thanks for reading my ramblings  tower.