so i've had a couple of drinks so excuse the possible sppelling errors, typing requires a lot more eeffort than usual and focusing.

i spent my friday cleaing my apaprtment. all of it. every corner, cuboard, everthing. 

this project was suppoed to tire me out. exhaust me. i started after noon. it's now 1:22am saturday and i'm happily awke. i feel great. i washed winows. still need to take out trash and bacuum vacuum im mean and mop the floors. 

laos i should maybe stop drinking already, god i am light weight just two drinks and look at this spelling skills. 

i would also like to hug people and delcare endless friendhisp to everuone. i am at that wonderful stage. better not ruin it by drinking more. i can't find my tiny bottle of vodka, which is possibly for the best. i might go to sleep soon. but am having an odd convo with some friends. as I have noticed this worrisome thing about myself. now that i'm 3 years from turning 30, i've started considering guys in their 40's to 60's hot. like watching sons of anartchy, i'm drooling after tig and chibs. jesus laura. but with chibs, its' dat that damn accent. half the time i don't even care what that hacartere says, i just brain melt. pretty much alonly reason why i obther watching the show at this point.

ok maybe 34ddrrink will knock me out. wait wait 3rd. 

remind me to remove thisp ost when i'm sober.


i hope you're all doing fantastic, my new form friends <4