Or... not really. thew answer is yes, but the character I've been dying to cosplay is Yang. She's confident, aggressive and just everything I aspire to be... but she shows her midriff off a lot. I'm by no means small. I've got curves and rolls and... I guess I'm afraid of running into the issues most plus size cosplayers run into, and that's the ridicule of others. If I'm being honest I went as mystery girl from steven universe at my local con with my sister who rocked a cersei lanister cosplay... and it was nerve wracking. it was the first time I'd ever gone anywhere with my stomach bared to the world. I got a few compliments here and there... but mostly a lot of strange looks and glares from other con-goers and cosplayers. 

it was a pretty damaging blow. One of the only perks was that There was this group of younger girls who asked for photographs with me. It was... spirit lifting. I have a long list of characters I want to Cosplay... mostly the characters from RWBY if I'm being honest. Especially volume 4 Nora... but I'm so scared of ridicule and being told my cosplay is inaccurate that I discourage myself from doing it.

I plan os Cosplaying Nora at Anime Expo next year, that's a solid fact... but do I risk going a Yang? Do I risk showing off skin only to face more rude looks and hushed comments? I don't want to portray the character inaccurately... but at the same time she means so much to me that I'm at a crossroads. 

What's a girl to do?