So! As I got some friends on FB worried about myself for drinking a couple of 'cocktails' at home, I figured it'd be good to clarify this stuff on here as well, for future reference.

First, yes. Alcoholism is a big issue in Finland, a problem really, and I could, when asked, instantly name a dozen of people who have (had) problems with booze. A lot of them my own relatives.

I used to be very anti-alcohol when I was younger because of that. I despised mom and her friend for having a girl's night at our home and they'd be drinking wine. I even called them alcoholics over it.  joy Seeing people go to Alko, I'd roll my eyes and mutter to myself, "Frigging alcs.."

A couple of times mom let me and bro taste a sip of wine, but I didn't like it. Still don't like wine, especially red wine. None are sweet enough. The smell of beer still disgusts me. 

Then I turned 18 (legal age here). Tasted some stuff, didn't really understand what everyone else had been fussing about since like we were all 12-13. And when I do drink, well. 

I drink alcohol like 1-2 times a month, if even that. And what I consider a drink & gets me tipsy is berry juice to those who drink ciders, beers, etc once a week or so - they wouldn't even notice there's alcohol in it.  joy I mean, dear Lord, our grocery stores aren't allowed to sell ciders that are over 4,7%, and I pour that shit in a glass and mix it with Mt Dew or juice so it's 50/50. If I have a liqueur shot, there's usually max 1cm in a glass then the rest is soda. 

Usually I only have max 5 drinks at home like that, and at a bar, max 3 'cause that shit's almost as expensive as ivory to me. I rarely drink cider 'raw', and I can't handle full shots of raw vodka unless I've had a few cider mixes already. 

SO posting on FB about drinking got some people commenting like "be careful", and "wow you've started drinking more" or something like that. Which I found goddamn offensive. These comments came from people who've known me for years. Sure, shit's hit the fan for me this year pretty bad, but I ain't spiralling into damn alcoholism.  joy Despite everything, I'm not feeling desperate about anything. Not THAT desperate. 

I've never been hungover. I've never thrown up over alcohol - sure, I'd felt horrible and close to that, but fresh air does wonders. As does drinking water between drinks. I've never been blackout drunk, and never want to be - I have witnessed people in that state, and am too much of a control freak / afraid of embarrassing myself in public to ever go that far. :') 

Anyway, thought I'd put this up in here as well. 

Another thing that happened today.

Now that's done, finally, I'm going to enjoy some pizza, candy, and more Sons of Anarchy, and maybe a drink too, yeah.  v Hope you're all having a good weekend. :)