Its been a pretty great week for Dragonball. We got a in my opinion great episode of DB super (Roshi MVP). Cant wait for next weeks gohan episode and the week after's one hour special main event.

Also on the games side. In Dragonball Figthers Z we got confirmation that the story will center around the time of the Android saga. Which combined with the Cell saga is my favorite part of Dragonball period. But as the games now a days do its a what if type of story with a new android called Android 21 and what looks to be copy's of the Z warriors. I'm so excited for this.

Speaking of the Z warriors. Tien and Yamcha got confirmed for the game. Which in any other dbz game is a whatever but since this centers around the android saga where they where still actively involved I am all about those boys.


And in the Xenoverse 2 world the roster is getting a bit bigger again. Super Buu Gohan absorbed and Debura are joining the roster and Zamasu is becoming a mentor. I'm so down for this Xenoverse 2's roster keeps getting better and better and I love the game so much I'm thinking of picking up the Switch version as well. Now if only they add Tapion, Android 13,19 and 20. Then they would really make my day.