Art History class was really intresting this week. You know mainly cause I was watching the live stream of the Sony Tokyo Games Show press conference  on my phone . 

And boy it was a great one. some of my highlights include:

Final Fantasy IX is now available on ps4 , Dissidia  Final Fantasy got a new trailer showing new game modes and the boyband prince Noctis.

Also holly shit a Zone of the Enders 2 remake with full VR support. Fuck yes I'm gonna play the shit out of this with my PSVR. (And puke all over my room) . Like I've been wanting to finish Zone of the Enders 2 for like 7 years. Ever since my friend grabbed the copy of HD I borrowed from him back when I was just starting with 2.

Then something only I am probably excited about. And I honestly don't even think it will come to the west. JAPAN Studio VR in concert. I can chill after a long day of school and listen to some ochestrated music from such games as Gravity Rush, Shadows of the Colossus , Ico , Last Guardian and Wild Arms with 2 wacky cats. Sign me up!

Then Kojimas art guy seems to have a new job at Square Enix working on a game with a cool looking tone. Left Alive. Not much was shown but I will be keeping my eye on that.

And then finally. Holly fuck you see that Monster Hunter World trailer. It looks so dope , its got story now too , new monsters and a insanely big monster that just begs for me to come over and beat the shit out of him.

All and all it was a way better conference then I expected it to be.