In my wait for Danganronpa V3 to come out (26th September in US, 29th September for EU , Please don't spoil me ) I've picked up Pokemon Silver on 3ds Virtual Console . My favorite generation of Pokemon.

My adventure started with a all to familiar choice. Who will be my starter.

Chikorita   ,    Cyndaquil   ,    Totodile

152.png         155.png        158.png

I chose Cyndaquil. This much like gen 1 is such a hard choice cause man all these starters are so well designed. (Yes even Chikorita , you Chikorita hating monster).

After I chose I was on my way on an errant for Prof.Elm. But before i left the town I got beat up by some ginger kid . He physically kicked me. Like a savage  

When I got to the location of my errant I met the Prof.Oak. He gave me a sick ass mini laptop to record all the animals I catch and fight. Always handy.

On my way back I met the ginger kid again. But this time we fought like true gentleman . By making our animals fight each other . (Sure he insulted me first but that's just pre fight banter).

My animal beat his animal and all was right in the world. (Also btw's he stole his Pokemon from Prof.Elm, Probably not a big deal).

Got to Elms place, It was totally a big deal. The fuss was there and asked me for the kids name.

Which of course I gave cause even though snitches get stitches the kid kicked me so I already got those. No worries for me.

After that little incident I make my way to Violet city and its illustrious Sprout Tower . Now everybody like , oh you gotta go to the Sprout Tower its great . Wrong! Here's what you get in Sprout Tower:

You get a bunch of these dudes:58.gif  with a ton of these 069.png also two of them got one of these 163.png

But we beat up all these animals in the tower and our little cute fire mouse is now a dope ass volcano Pokemon  156.png. So that's rad. 

Now here's the thing in Violet city there's this thing called a gym. Its where the pro's fight with their animals. Real big league stuff . Now the Violet city gym his run by this dude 20.gif Falkner. He's got daddy issues and a bunch of birds016.png017.png

Now I can't do much with fire about his daddy issues. But I can burn his pigeons in my flames.

So I did. And he took it really well. Gave me a sick cd and a cool looking pin 13.gif.

Just shows you that even if someone has issues you can still all get along.

We also got a egg now from Prof.Elm's aid . Always good to know I got some people back home making sure I can eat a healthy breakfast. 

Well of too Azalea town.