As I made my way out of Violet city I saw off to the side these old buildings. In search of new Pokemon I entered the only new looking building in the place. In this building I was greeted by a man saying he wanted to discover the mysteries of the Ruins of Alph. He asked for my help to which I as the protagonist promptly responded: No thank you, I got legalized animal fighting to do in the next town over , See you later Nerd. (Like a true hero).


We made our way along Route 32 were we found the most adorable little fluff ball ever179.png

Of course I had to have it . After a little spat I threw my little portable prison at it and It joined our mary a band of travelers. Along the way I passed this guy who wanted to sell me something called a Slowpoke tail , I don't tend to eat stuff being offered to me by some random people in the middleof nowhere but he seemed like a straight up guy so why not. when he said I didn't have enough money though well lest just say my new fighter and i proceeded to electrocute every fighter on route 32 and a good bit of the union cave. And the little fluff ball even evolved to a bigger one180.png. Ain't she adorable 

As I made my way into Azalea Town I passed this nice looking gentleman56.gif. He told me he was guarding the Slowpoke Well so that no one could mess with their plans. Of course by plans I assumed he mend cleaning the well for the Slowpoke and I moved along thinking, man one day I hope I can be a G like him. 

As I got to Azalea Town I found out the truth though. They weren't cleaning at all, they where cutting of the slowpoke tails to sell to people as food *gasp*. 

As the good person I am I decided maybe I fight the Azalea Town gym next week when the police deal with this Slowpoke business. But as I was about to leave Ginger Kid showed up. He did his hole speal about strong Pokemon insulted me again and would only let me pass if i beat him in a animal fight. 


Now I wish this was Epic and all that but my fluff ball just wiped him. After beating him he just pushed me to the ground like a savage and locked the door to the next route behind him. Like the dick he is he told me I would have to deal with all the towns problems and and beat the gym before he opens the door again. 

So here we are . I'm about to enlist in some old man who tells me he makes pokeballs from tree's(real nut job)  his resistance (of two people , three if we count his 5 year old grand daughter). And we are gonna fight this so called team Rocket.

My team currently is this guy 156.png and the most adorable destructive force known to man 180.png . So we should be fine...