I joined an old mans resistance last time I updated you. His name is Kurt and won't you know it he is quite the hype man. He told me all about these evil team Rocket schemes and got me all fired up to beat the shit out of their animals with mine.

We made our way to the entrance to the Slowpoke Well. Kurt got so fired up himself he just charged straight in . Sadly though he forgot that gravity is a thing and made quite the fall. (hes got a broken back now very sad #pray4Kurt).

With Kurt out of comission I had to pull double duty. I made my way to the leader of this operation who came prepared for a epic battle. He send out his mighty Koffing ...... hold on his only pokemon is a lvl 14 koffing... this gut-->109.png. I told him straight up I said, "hey man i got a lvl 19 Flaafy 180.png who for 1 is to adorable to waste its time on you and 2 just wiped all your friends. Also  I got a Quilava 156.png bro you can't even catch this guy in the wild.

He agreed that it was not gonna be a fun time for him and left the well with his crew. Which honestly like for real you gotta respect a man who knows when its over you know.

After that little situation it was time for a legalized official animal blood sport match. 

I challenged the Azalea Town gym's leader Bugsy21.gif....... wait .... hold up... is he/she a boy or a girl..... like I can't tell. I mean its cool either way 2017 and all that but you know I like to know(he/she never told me)

I led off with my boi Quilava156.png time to burn gym to the ground who you got Bugsy .

011.pngMedapot for real you got a lvl 14 Medapot....... Medapot evolves at lvl 10 man what you doing? Ah well we burned it down what you got as your next fighter man come on lets go! 014.png........ Oke what the fuck man........ Kakuna ....... The fuc.......

I swear to got if this guy got another weak as  HOLLY Shit what the fuck is that 123.png that motherfucker got swords for arms ! Is that shit even legal! Fuck this Quilava burn the gym down I'll grab the badge and run! And we did do just that.

I ran into the Index Forest. Am I proud of what I did...... no ..... but as Ash Ketchum tought me. When a gym battle doesn't go your way , you destroy the property. (What a fantastic trainer. Wonder what hes up to now a days.)


Next stop Goldenrod City! Going by the last 2 the gym is probably hella easy haha.