After RTX a bit of stuff has been going on such as I went to my first ever concert, which was the aquabats. It was a really great time since the bat commander is just a awsome guy and the band is rad, I also saw streetlight manifesto which was also really cool. Another thing that happened was that I started college and so far it's going pretty well, so far it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Lastly is this Sunday I'm building my first ever pc and it's going to be with my grandpa, last week he told me he got a bunch of pc parts to build himself a new gaming pc and decided to make me one to as his prototype for his pc since he hasn't ever built one before ,as a surprise for college to make me a complete beast when it comes to video editing since I'm going into digital film. Like guys this is to nice it's like a 3 grand pc and he's getting me a new monitor, but I'm really excited to build a pc with him. Lastely   I also got a new video camera it's the canon rebel  sl2 which is a really really nice camera and so worth the price. That's mainly what I've been up too, hopefully all the improvements they keep saying are coming to the site happens soon cause it seems like it will happen soon.