On our way to Goldenrod City we encountered this little critter 043.pnghe's called Oddish and he likes poisoning people ,putting people to sleep and absorbing peoples life energy. Ain't he cute!

Along the way we also fought this guy named Todd Snap. I was super star struck as I thought he was super star photographer Todd.


Turns out photographer Todd Snap has brown hair . This Todd has black hair and keeps sending his shity instagram Photos to my PokeIPhone(gear) asking for likes for likes or some shit I don't know.

Now here's the thing. You remember that egg that I wanted to eat at some point? well turns out it wasn't for eating.... I know right crazy talk what kind of messed up egg ain't for eating. Turns out the Pokemon kind cause this thing came out of the egg175.png. Well it almost did. It seems to be stuck inside the thing and I can't get it outa there. So I figured this can't be my problem I got battle's to fight. So I gave it to these old people along the way. They had a nice house so I'm sure it will be fine.

As we put all that behind us we finally made it to Goldenrod City. After a short lunch we set out for the gym. It was time for the ultimate gym battle. 

My memories of lives past still haunt me too this day. But here I was back again to face the mightiest trainer and Pokemon jotho has ever seen. I was about to face Whitney and her Miltank. 


The fight was hard fought. Oddish poisoned the Beast to the point that it was one chip damage away from death. But I made a fatal mistake. I fed my Pokemon too many berry burgers at goldenrod’s local WcDonalds .


They were too slow. And one by one they fell too that savage beast’s mighty rollouts.


With our first lose we retreated to the pokemon center where we planned our training so we could fight another day. Mark my words Whitney.  I will defeat you!