everyone is getting season 3's and I am all about it

You wan't Sword Art Online season 3. Here have it 

+ a spin off while we're at it.

I'm kinda excited about this. I always liked the world of Sword Art/Accel World a lot even if I think the writing of the show is all over the place. And I never read passed Mother Rosario so this is all new material for me.

But on too a more important season 3. Boku No Hero Academia is getting a season 3. Thank whoever I need to thank for this cause man I did not want to start reading the manga for this.

Not to be down on the manga. But I think Bones does such a great job with the anime that I don't want to read ahead of it.

And the for the most important Season 3 of all. Fucking fuck yes A Certain Magical Index is getting a season 3. I am all about this. I love  A Certain Scientific Railgun and anything that gets me to those characters and that world again I am so down for. (also by the comments this one guy made it looks like Railgun might get a season 3 as well. Plz).