Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

Tis' the Season of sweater weather, over-priced candy, and pumpkin spice! Your Rooster Buckeyes have some fun things in store for you this October.

First, we are hosting RWBY Volume 5 Premiere Meet-Ups in select theaters. These meet-ups are on Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm. 

Our first meet-up is located at Crocker Park Stadium 16 in Westlake. You can purchase tickets for that showing here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rwby-volume-5-premiere/map?theater_id=558

Our second meet-up is located at Montrose Movies Stadium 12 in Akron. You can purchase tickets for that showing here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rwby-volume-5-premiere/map?theater_id=666

Our third meet-up is located at Springdale Showcase Cinemas in Springdale. You can purchase tickets for that showing here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/rwby-volume-5-premiere/map?theater_id=1439

There are tons of RWBY Volume 5 showings across the state. If you can't make one of our "official" meet-ups, check out this link for other showing throughout Ohio: https://www.fandango.com/rwby-volume-5-premiere-204728/movie-overview

Also, we are hosting our FINAL Community Stream before the Big Rooster Teeth Community Stream on Saturday, November 4! Our last test stream will be Saturday, October 14 from 5 pm-11 pm. You can watch the stream on our Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/roosterbuckeyes

Finally, there is still time to join our Extra Life Team. This year, our goal is to raise $2,000 for Akron Children's Hospital. With such an amazing community, we are absolutely positive we can raise the money for such a wonderful institution. You can join the Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Team here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.teamParticipants&teamID=34056#

To Recap

-THREE Rooster Buckeyes RWBY Volume 5 Meet-Ups
-TWO THOUSAND dollars to raise #FortheKids

- ONE final Community Test Stream

Until the next time!