Just a few more days and then I'll be flying to London for RTX. I'm so hyped for so many reasons.

First being : omg I can finally go to a RTX , Second I'm meeting a friend I've known for the last 8 years or so trough Xbox in real life for the first time which is gonna be fun, Oh and also its my first time in London . I'm so hyped I saw that Nintendo and Arc system works are there too so you know I'm gonna be all over that Mario Odyssey and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. I can't wait!

Also is anyone else who's reading this going? Let me know.


Some other things I am hyped about was the big fight from yesterday. Which one you ask? The only one that matters. Limit Breaker Goku VS Jiren the Gray. And holy shit what an awesome fight it was . I think it might be one of my favorites in the Dragon Ball franchise. It has fantastic animation it feels epic and man I can't wait to see next weeks continuation of the Tournament of Power. It is for sure my favorite arc of Dragon Ball Super.


Then on to what might become my anime of the Fall season. The first actual episode for The Ancient Magus' Bride just came out and it does not disappoint. I was already in love with the 4 part ova series but the first episode of this just solidified my love for it. Just look at this opening.

Sidebar: Holy shit we are less then a month away from a new 3d Mario game. I want it so bad.