So it happened!!!! Holy Shit

Last Weekend I had maybe one of the most enjoyable 5 day weekends of my life. I got in on Wednesday, shared a few drinks with some visitors from distant lands who have quickly become some of my favourite people on this planet.

Thursday started great, getting a few bevs inside me and getting a lovely handprint from @aww102 before starting on the bag packing side of things, meeting my team for the first time (And the only time they didn't call me Daddy) and then spending the evening at the Custom House

Friday started early, finishing bag packing and then getting my team together for orientation and the like before spending the evening with @PhoebeG and watching the rest of the flat spend 15 minutes deciding whether to lick a little triangle that did fuck all during DnD.

Saturday & Sunday was when it all started, the madness, the questions, the queues! We were running around like headless chickens a lot of Saturday trying to keep everything working and we did. I had an amazing time, lots of people thanking us for Guardian-ing really made my day and honestly, I couldn't have done it without my amazing team who were easily the best bunch of people I've had the pleasure to call my children. You all chipped in and brought me a gift and honestly, even now I well up thinking about it and you guys so thank you so much!!!

I also had the honour of being on the RTUK & Special Effect panel on Sunday, talking about Special Effect and the work they do, and all the help that RTUK do, and will be doing in the future (£2,500 for a GameBlast tattoo next year!)

Sunday night, I had the pleasure to attend the RTUK after party for Special Effect. @Tudor did a fantastic job and everyone should go tell him what an amazing job he did! The event and auctions raising over £2k for charity.

I haven't mentioned a lot of names, but you all know who you are and how you helped me have one of the best weekends in my life.

I love you