On this installment of Mattyou gets hyped about things:

Oh my god Violet Evergarden looks so fucking pretty. like damn son look at this!

I don't even know what this show is about but holy shit it looks good

Also the trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V which also looks cool. I do have a question for you guys though. Do i need to play Shin Megami Tensei 1/2/3/4 to play this or is this a Final Fantasy / Tales of situation. Cause I am down for what this trailer is putting up.

On to a game that's closer to being played by me. Mario Odyssey . I still cant believe that its out this Friday. Like there is a new Zelda and a new Mario in the first year of what is shaping up to become my favorite Nintendo console ever made. I have had some trouble this week with dodging spoilers from those assholes on the interwebs who have the game already trough whatever devils deal they made to get it. What are spoilers for a Mario game you ask ? Secrets and Costumes of course you dummy . Plz don't spoil me.

From that to a game I own and am debating buying again on Switch , the game that keeps on giving Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Its getting even more characters. more specifically 2 of the 3 movie characters I have wanted since day one. Android 13 and Tapion (the third ofcourse being my boi Bojack). And its getting a new game mode and Buuhan and Debura . I'm telling you man this game is awesome.


Also I'm on chapter 5 of Danganronpa V3 but I got derailed by South Park The Fractured But Hole. I'm about 16 hours into South Park so I should be almost done and then I wanna try and power trough the last bit of Danganronpa V3 before Mario takes all of my life.

Anyway thanks for reading