I haven't yet used this journal feature at the RT site, but what better way to start than to promote raising money to help kids! If you haven't been in the loop, Rooster Teeth has an annual Extra Life team raising money for Children's Miracle Network. Check that out here, and consider joining the team if you'd like to participate as a fundraiser:

Rooster Teeth Extra Life Team

These donations help families get the care they need for their kids in children's hospitals across the U.S., closing the gap of affordability when Medicare and insurance coverage are not enough.

I'm part of Rooster Teeth's team, and I have made what seems like a scary high first-year-participant goal of $1000. Check out my page to see who I'm supporting, where I am in my goal so far, and to make your donation toward that goal:

Jicori's Extra Life Page

As part of this, and to kickstart building my Twitch presence, I will be streaming my gaming adventures ALL DAY on November 4! Here's where you can find my stream: 

Jicori on Twitch!

I am not yet at a point of monetizing my Twitch streams, nor am I sure I want to, but I'd still love to have some new followers and perhaps meet other new streamers in the process!

I haven't solidified my schedule November 4 yet, but I will post that on my Twitch page when that's ready. In the meantime, here are the games that I plan to play and stream that day:

* Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox) - Waiting to start this newest AC on that day!

* Destiny and Destiny 2 (Xbox) - Starting a new character and running some fireteam activities with friends.

* Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) - Running some Heroic missions and PvP, and perhaps some guildmates will join in.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Steam) - I have dabbled in this, but I want to start dedicating some time to "get gud" Achievement Hunter style.

Knights of the Old Republic (Steam) - I'm going back to run some KOTOR again! I never did finish either the first KOTOR or KOTOR 2 all the way through, I just read the lore to find out how the stories ended.