Hello Rooster Buckeyes!

Guess what? Extra Life is just NINE DAYS AWAY!!! *insert excited af screaming*

This is excellent news. That means we are only 9 days away from doing AMAZING things #forthekids. In preparation for our amazing 12-hour stream, we wanted to give you

The Ultimate Guide to the Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Stream.

1) We are streaming Saturday, November 4 from 3pm- 2am. Because that is the night of Daylight Saving and time is rolling back an hour. We will be playing until the second 2 am-- giving us a full 12 hour stream. You can catch our stream on our Twitch channel (twitch.tv/roosterbuckeyes). 

2) We are taking part in the Rooster Teeth Community Stream, which means that for 1 hour during our 12, we will be hosted on Rooster Teeth's Twitch channel. We will be playing Killing Floor 2 during our "power hour". Once we know our time, we will get that information to you! 

3) We have some AMAZING PRIZES for you all! We will be giving away these prize "Buh-Kets" (if you don't know that reference, check this out!)  through a "raffle" system. To be entered for a chance to win, you must donate at least $10 to our Extra Life Team on game day (November 4). You can donate to our Extra Life team here! For every $10 you donate on game day, you get 1 entry into the raffle. To be considered for the raffle, YOU MUST include your email with your donation. We will draw 3 winners. First drawn receives first choice of "Buh-Ket", second drawn receives second choice, and third drawn receives third choice. Prize "Buh-kets" are as follow:

   "Buh-Ket" A- Michael Jones Buh-Ket

                      -N64 Banjo Kazooie Cartridge signed by MICHAEL JONES

                      - $15 RTStore Gift Card

                      -RTStore Variety Pack

   "Buh-Ket" B- Rooster Teeth Double Gold Buh-Ket

                     -EXCLUSIVE Double Gold Box Items

                     -RTStore Variety Pack

   "Buh-Ket" C- Giant Game Buh-Ket

                   - Variety pack of Telltale Games Steam Codes

                   - Paladins Champions of the Realm console game code

                   - Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 game code

4) Our goal is to raise $2,000 dollars for Akron Children's Hospital. This wonderful institution does incredible things for children and families in the Northeast Ohio area. Every single cent that you donate goes directly to the hospital. These funds go towards things as large as new medical equipment to as small as stuffed animals for the patients to help them feel a little less alone. To help us fundraise, click this link to go to pre-written donation solicitations to post to your Facebook and Twitter. You never know who may donate if you simply ask! 

5) Follow us on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Discord) for updates on Extra Life, our goals, and our game day shenanigans. Help us choose punishments, cheer us on as we reach our goals, and much more! 

Thank you to everyone for participating in our Extra Life stream! The Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life team cannot express how grateful we are that we get to work with such a compassionate and engaging community. We know that, because of you all, we will be able to raise $2,000 to help the kids in Akron Children's Hospital. 


Megan, Phil, Brian, Alex

(Your Rooster Buckeyes Extra Life Team Captains)