Since launching The Know I've had the privilege of working with a number of talented writing voices. Coming in to the office every day to digest and debate through the events of the video game world is like coming home.

Today, I'm lucky enough to be able to add another name to that list (and one I've had my eye on for a long time): Eric Vespe, known to many in the entertainment world as Quint. Eric, formerly of Ain't It Cool? News, has been one of the foremost writers in the entertainment space for 20 years, and has agreed to join on with The Know to lead the charge deeper into movie and entertainment coverage for us.

This is really huge for us and we're lucky to have him. I like movies. Most of us do, really. But when I see how passionate Eric is for the medium, and just how much he knows about every element of every genre, I realize just how much I have to learn. His enthusiasm is infectious and makes learning more about movies FUN, which is exactly what we need.

Over the next few weeks you'll start to see Eric's work appear on the website and in videos. We're also going to be working together to develop new content that takes advantage of Eric's unique strengths, and I can't wait for you all to see it.

Until then, please welcome Eric to the family!